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Custom IOS and Android mobile applications

BitEvolution is a leading company in high-quality multiplatform (IOS and Android) mobile application development services that simplify and/or extend the administrative processes of our clients.

We make custom-built mobile solutions, designing the best experience and ease for the user in such a way that it adds value and simplifies the daily tasks of users, in addition to eliminating the barriers of having to be physically in the office to do some tasks.

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We use Flutter

Flutter is Google's UI toolkit for building 100% natively compiled apps for mobile (iOS and Android), web, and desktop from a single code base.

Among its main features are native performance, beautiful and expressive User Interfaces (UI), as well as faster development since the same code base works for both main application platforms.

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Most common types of Mobile Developments


Geolocation and Logistics Mobile Apps

We develop software on demand such as taxi apps, we offer the best tools for managing car journeys. More and more travelers use mobile applications to book private taxis in real time.

Use geolocation data in logistics applications to verify delivery points, check-in areas to verify if the route is correct, or simply to check that your work team is in a certain work area, all of this in real time.

Ordering food or products from nearby stores is not something new, with mobile applications that deliver food or any product at home it has become easier, faster and more comfortable for customers to request products in addition to estimating the time it takes to deliver, thus giving with this type of service a competitive advantage over the competition

Geolocation has a variety of uses, from parcel apps, food deliveries, taxi services, tourism and much more. Don´t miss on the trend and request a quote for your app today.

Commercial Apps

apps can have any type of utility, from entertainment and leisure to very specific uses in science; Here at BitEvolution we specialize in creating trading apps for businesses.

We pay special attention to the operation of the app and the user interface, since both go hand in hand so that users do not discard it after a single use. On the performance side, it's obvious, because if the app doesn't do what it's supposed to, then it simply won't work; and on the interface side, it must be very intuitive, and looks really nice because otherwise, no matter how well it works, if it is not easy to use it will be discarded quickly by the end user.

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Calendar Apps

Share your activities and those of your collaborators in real time from anywhere. With a mobile time management application, check the activities of your remote work team, check in real time how long it takes them to carry out an activity and much more.

This type of application is ideal for spa salons, beauty salons, maintenance workers, construction workers, hotels, restaurants and any other areas where clients or tasks need to be scheduled.

External Services

Payment Integration: Your app will be able to connect to external payment systems and make recurring and in-app payments.

Push Notifications: send a notification whenever you consider it necessary, for example, when creating, editing or deleting a document; in this way all those responsible will be aware of the changes.

Mic. and Camera: Take evidence of the activities carried out by your staff and share them with your team in real time.

Printers: Print from your app by connecting to a bluetooth printer or by connecting your printer to google print services.

Firebase: Firebase is a set of tools aimed at creating high-quality applications.


Our Development Process

We follow a proven approach, starting with a deep understanding of your needs to begin the process with a clear plan.


Requirements Specification

It is a complete description of the behavior of the system to be developed. It includes a set of use cases that describe all the interactions that users will have with the software. Use cases are also known as functional requirements. We work closely with you to specify in detail all the requirements to generate a detailed development plan.



By a software prototype, we mean an application product that shows the current functionality of a product that is typically an application software, but doesn't really have the logic or quality that the final product will have.

Although it is in a functional stage, it has some limited characteristics, for this reason it is important that it should not be taken as a final impression of the product, since as more iterations are carried out, the problems and errors are corrected, in order to have a better final result.



Regarding software deployment, it will mean that it is already available for use and has all the characteristics defined in the requirements. The software at this point can be released to a close team of testers to verify that the software is indeed finished.


Maintenance and Support

This implies a set of activities aimed to ensure te correct and stable functioning of the app. Through maintenance and support discovered ploblems will be fixed, the app will be kept up-to-date and can also be continuously improved by detecting possible future issues.


Our developers team will guide you to find out the best way to develop your app according to your needs

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